Foxcroft Academy

Well most of you have probably gone to high school and many probably have fond memories (along with a few not so fond memories) of the experience. I am very much the same way. So I do not promise that the image of high school that I portray here is not skewed for the truth, but can anyone promise that?

Foxcroft Academy (as you can see in the seal) was established in 1823, as the first school chartered after the then territory of Maine succeeded from Massachusetts, and 1820. This information comes straight off the schools home page. I started at FA, in 1985 as a freshman in the college prep. program. FA has two college prep like programs (and a few hidden programs that only the guidance program really knows about). One aimed at preparing students for 4 year colleges and the other more for associate programs. There is also a vocational program, and probably one program I have since forgotten.

Foxcroft Academy has a large team of dedicated teachers (as a certified secondary ed. math teacher myself, I have never met a more dedicated team of teachers than I had at FA). The programs sometimes intermix to allow students flexibility to pick up things that normally wouldn't fit into their program.

The school has a music program, a chorus, an art department, a drama department and groups that tie these fine arts groups together to perform for the community. The school offers a wide variety of after school events, especially considering its relatively small population. The activities try to work around each other so that students who can juggle their time well can participate in more than one activity. The clubs at FA range from social to volunteer activities to academic groups. In a town with very little to do outside the schools, the schools fill the gap of keeping students busy and active in their community.

I believe that FA offers a first rate program and education, and formed the foundation and majority of my current educational background.