Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Well if you are from the big city, this may be a little difficult to imagine, but let me try to frame this for you. Dover-Foxcroft is the county seat of Piscatiquis County in Maine. The population of Dover-Foxcroft, last I knew, was about 2000 people. For those of you in big cities, take your local state college, and divide the student body by 5, and you get the population of Dover-Foxcroft.

Along with being the county seat, it is the center of primary and secondary education for much of the area. Servicing Sebec, Dover (and its regions), Monson, Charlestown, and of course Dover-Foxcroft. There are other towns that also use this school, and the high school being a semi-private institution, does receive students from regions around Maine where students feel Foxcroft Academy can give them a better education than their regional school.

So what is with this hyphenated name? Well Dover and Foxcroft where two separate towns with their own governments and everything until 1922, when the two towns held a marriage ceremony and became one town. This joined the resources, and governments of the two towns into one.

Dover-Foxcroft has some interesting sites to see, such as an old wooden covered bridge (rebuilt recently due to a flood in the town that destroyed the original). Many places to take nature hikes, and an old blacksmith shop which has been converted to a small museum. If you like the outdoors, there is plenty to see, but if you are looking for entertainment, this probably isn't the place to go, unless the school is doing a performance.