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Welcome to my home page. I have taken a little bit of time to revise my home page along with placing a few extra pages in here to look over. I think you will find that it is at least worth a peak at what is hiding within my pages. Below are links to various pages, including my actual web pages. The pages have frames, and hopefully at some point I'll develop a set of pages that are unframed as well, for those of you who really hate frames, be patient. Enjoy, and drop me a line if you like what you see or have a comment.
- Tony

My Home Pages

NOTE: It is now 2002, and a few of the pages still don't do anything. I haven't updated my home pages for about 4 years for the most part. I have done a few minor tweaks here and there. I am now going to start the process of actually building a new home page. I guess when you work in a job where you build pages and setup web interfaces to applications, you don't want to look at HTML when you get home. Well I don't do that anymore, so maybe now it can return to being a hobby.
-- Tony.

Who is that masked man? Anthony Moulen - a quick look into the mind of a mad man.

So you want to be an adventurer? Come take a look at Captain Midnight - Pirate Adventurer.

Shouldn't you be working right now? So how do I earn my keep? IBM eBusiness Security Specialist.

Places I Go For Fun

I still MUD from time to time, it isn't as much a part of what I do but I still enjoy playing around a bit here and there. On of the muds I still play around with is Dead Of Night. I still think it is a very interesting environment, but mudding isn't as exciting for people as it used to be. It is sort of like listening to radio in a TV age. People do it when their isn't anything better but it isn't their first preferance. Anyway you can still get to Dead of Night their web page here. And if you would like to jump right in and try here is where you can: telnet deadofnight.com 3443

And there are still more MUDS I play on or work on. Timewarp is sort of my flagship world. I have been a wizard there longer than anyplace else. The mud is down right now for redevelopment. Unfortunately, I don't have the time I once had to mud so my involvement there is somewhat limited.

There was a time, when MUDs were a major part of what I did. Now I spend more time watching movies, playing around with Linux, and helping others with computers. I also enjoy reading fantasy books and some sci-fi books. When I have time, I still go and play around with MUDs, they are a good release from a busy day, and offer a good means of creative expression.

Getting There From Here

Although not extensive, and not even up to date, here are the bookmarks that I consider useful in navigating the net. Some are most definitely dead now, and perhaps, someday, when I am no longer feeling lazy, I will actually go out and update them. Heck - I may even add a few more.
OKAY - New note...they are almost all dead now, and they simply aren't worth using right now. I will try, though I don't promise, to add some useful links again. For now a link I like, ZDNet. And guess what Tom, it works, but not as impressive ;-).

The material you are reading belongs to Anthony Moulen. Any duplication, rebroadcast, or use without the expressed permission of the NBA err...Anthony Moulen is a violation of the worst kind and is punishable by many things, which I have been too bored to really research. At anyrate it would violate US Copyright regulations, so don't do it. If I have something of yours that I shouldn't, then hunt me down (send me mail) and I will be sure to remove it. I believe that all the seals and such that have been used within are publically available and available in books that I own, and thus can loan to anyone, at anytime. Therefore I think that I am within my right to show them here. Enjoy, don't break anything you can't fix (which is nothing), and live long enough to prosper (is that right?).

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