SeDoMoCha Junior High School

Okay, now before I get started here, let me say one thing, SeDoMoCha used to be a junior high school when I was there, I am almost positive. When I saw the web page calling it a middle school I was rather surprised. When looking at the definitions of middle and junior high, SeDoMoCha does fit the middle school definition better. So perhaps they decided to correct this error in the name. I will still remember it as a junior high.

SeDoMoCha (or if you didn't put in the caps Sedomocha) looks almost like an Indian name or at least not an english name. When you include the mascot of the eagle, it is easy to believe it might have an Indian origin, but it doesn't. SeDoMoCha comes for the first couple letters of the primary towns it services: Sebec, Dover-Foxcroft, Monson, and Charlestown. A rather interesting way to come up witha school name, but at least no one could say it was a boring old school name.

SeDoMoCha is a rather interestingly designed school. The floor plan is set up to allow for an open learning environment, and experiment that probably went wrong long ago, but not a bad concept on the whole. The walls were movable, so that you could join multiple classrooms into one large study/learning group. The school didn't have much in the line of sports fields, the one open field pretty much acted for any sport you could think of. The gym was nice, it had collapsable risers which could be pushed back to expose two slightly shrunk basketball courts. When they were open the main basketball court could be used for school events. There was a stage which opened both into the gym and into the cafe.

The school had approximately 16 classrooms, each of which could hold about 30 students if packed in. There were also 5 other rooms used for classes - an industrial arts lab, a home economics lab, a music room, an art room and the gym. The current size of the school is ~360 students, which probably hasn't grown or shrunk much since I was there.