The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT was established as a school in 1861 in Boston, Massachuetts. In 1916, the school moved to its now present location in Cambridge, MA. MIT has a long standing tradition of educational excellence in the engineering fields. It is also well known for the Sloan School of Management and the Biology department which is ranked among the finest in the US.

MIT has always tried to make sure that its students are members of their community and offers several organizations which cater to this end.

Although, MIT has excelled in academics, it sorely is in need of a classroom face-lift. The spaces in which students are expected to learn do not lend themselves to being good learning enviroments. However, this isn't hard to believe given the general age of the school. Several programs are underway to renovate some aging learning environments on the campus, and perhaps MIT's environment will catch up to the world-class academics it already has.

MIT is a fairly large campus with some 4500 undergraduates and 5500 graduates making up the student body. It is estimated that another 10000 staff and faculity make up the ranks of the school. The school has several dormitories and plenty of independant living groups to allow most students to find a place that feels like home for them.

The school has several performing arts centers, a unique non-denominational chapel, and some excellent fine arts programs. MIT focus on only releasing well rounded students into the work force is one of the reasons it offers and requires an extensive humanities program along with the rigorous science and engineering course offerings.

All in all, the programs at MIT are excellent, the support staff is caring, and some of the faculty are more than supportive as well. Although it can sometimes feel like you are floating in a sea without a life raft or as MIT students like to put it drinking from the end of a firehose, the school tries to make every students experience successful.