Morton Ave and Mayo Street

Well a little about the elementary schools I attended. Morton Avenue Elementary is a small school about 2 blocks from where I lived as a child. The school had about 12 class rooms (2 for each class), a small library, the infamous principal's office that every school has. A cafe which doubled as the gym. I am pretty sure there was a teachers' lounge and a few other rooms scattered in the small building, along with the boys and girls rooms (this is the main reason I am sure there was a teachers' lounge, they could never have used those tiny toliets :)). Each of these classes probably could hold about 20 students so I would guess it wasn't any bigger than 240 total, and was probably much smaller when I was there.

It has been a while since I have stopped by for a visit so I don't know who is still around that school, but the last time I was near there several of the same teachers were still working there, in the same classes as before.

OH and let us not forget the playground. There were 3 swing sets, 2 jungle gyms, 2 slides, a sand trap, a nature trail (which you weren't allowed on unless it was a class event), and a baseball field (used primarily as a kick ball field until summer when it became the primary home of the little league teams run by the YMCA).

Then there is Mayo Street Elementary, which was a split school, it had the primary building which probably was about the same size as Morton Avenue, and a secondary building which probably had 9 classrooms, maybe 12. They did however have a full basketball court which was the home of the YMCA youth basketball. Mayo Street had about the same playground compliment as Morton Avenue did, less the baseball field, which it replaced with a basketball court outside.

And let me mention at this time, the nice little bakery on the way to Mayo Street, which was the source of many a donut break on the way to school in the morning. Nancy's Bakery. If you are from Dover-Foxcroft you probably know of Nancy's Bakery.